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The Unit has an area of 7000 M² for production capacity of fresh fish around

      50 tones per 9 h,Fish is transported in 5 minutes to our factory from boats.

      The processing or freezing and the storage of fish are assured and controlled 

      by international team of professionals with assets of experience in this field.



  • 01 Liquid nitrogen freezer at -50°C of 12000 kg / 2 h capacity .                      
  • 01 Storage freezer room  at -25°C .                                                           
  • 01 Cold room with a capacity of 25 tones .

  • 01 Blast air freezer at -35°C of 12000 kg / 24h capacity .

  • 02 live holding tank and pond of 1600 m² with 800 tones of seawater.


  • Fishing vessels management with quality control of Sea frozen fish.

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